Name: Dylan Levan || Age: 24 || Drug Dealer || Open

FC:  Evan Peters

Secret:  When I was a young kid my stepfather molested me and nobody would believe me, not even my own mother. By the time I was 14 I took a pair of gardening sheers and cut the mother-fucker’s dick off. I was detained by the police for questioning but never got sentenced to a juvenile detention because I lied and said it was in self-defense. I told the cops all about the molestation and after my stepfather was released from the hospital he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Justice was served. 


  • Addison Montgomery – flirtation ; finds her attractive
  • Brielle Cox – boss at the diner
  • Sabrina Montgomery – co-worker ; knows through Addison
  • Guy Kerrigan – supplier

Personality:  Dylan can be a very passive person and has trouble dictating his feelings appropriately. He has a mouth like a trucker, following almost every other sentence with an obscenity. He doesn’t have a lot of friends and tends to be a loner, safeguarding himself from the assholes of the world. There are very few people he allows to get close to him, constantly building up walls around him. Dylan can be depicted as being aloof, morose, and a loner. He does what he has to, to insure he won’t be taken advantage of again.

Biography:  Dylan’s early childhood mirrored that of a nightmare instead of a normal upbringing. His father died from colon cancer when Dylan was young and his mother remarried shortly after to a guy named Dave, or Douche-bag Dave as he liked to call him. Dylan immediately didn’t like Dave. He always felt there was something off about him; the way he talked and laughed, more like heckled and his strange mannerisms. Because of this, Dylan tried to maintain his distance from him whenever possible. Meanwhile his mother worked full time at a bar to help support him since Dave was an unemployed, worthless dickhead. The molestation started when Dylan was around 6 years old, something that would forever haunt him. Nobody had believed him, not even his own mother. The molestation wasn’t put to rest until Dylan was 14 years old and just snapped one day. His stepfather tried to sodomize him one morning and without thinking or even blinking twice, he pulled out a pair of gardening sheers that he had hidden under his bed and cut Dave’s dick off. It was a huge fiasco dealing with the cops as well as Dave’s lies and denials. Instead of being hauled off to the police station, Dylan was taken to the hospital for an examination which revealed that the molestation charges he brought against his stepfather were valid. The evidence was conclusive and the fact that Dylan was acting in self-defense, as he claimed to the police, there were no charges brought against him. Instead, Dave was sentenced to 15 years in prison with no chance of parole.

His relationship with his mother became strained after that. She acted like it had been his fault for getting molested. When he turned 18 he immediately moved out without any questions asked or words exchanged. To get by he’d work shifts at the 11th Street Diner as well as deal drugs on the side. The more money he made dealing drugs, the less time he spent working at the Diner. He’d often hang out at the male strip club The Black Stallion, not because he was gay, because he wasn’t, but to sell drugs and visit with his best friend Gunnar Eckart. Gay men seemed to adore Dylan, which made his business of dealing drugs very profitable. The Black Stallion was also a great spot because he was pretty tight with the owner, Addison Montgomery, often catching her giving him ‘I want to fuck you’ eyes from across the room. He had to admit that she was hot for an older woman, but he couldn’t help having feelings for Gunnar’s younger sister Whitney. He knew he didn’t have a chance with Whitney in a million years but that didn’t stop him from caring about her. Being a bit of a loner, Dylan didn’t socialize with many people except for his clients, so he never experienced a real relationship. His childhood had him so completely fucked up that he sometimes was devoid of all feeling and emotion. Sure he fucked around with random girls like Trinity Amadio who used him for free drugs, but that’s as far as it went. With Whitney he felt at ease, as if he could tell her anything, even his gruesome past, knowing she wouldn’t judge him. Nobody knew about the molestation except for his family. It was one secret he kept hidden, not because he was embarrassed but because it was a part of his life he wished he could erase. 

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✟Vintage/Grunge, following back similar!✟


✟Vintage/Grunge, following back similar!✟

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